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We were invited to create a unique set for Alex Rodabaugh's newest dance creation, g1br33l, that was shown at Gibney Dance from November 19th-22nd, 2014 as part of their Double Plus Dance Series

The concept was to work with the message of the piece and create an enclosed, intimate space within the theater to increase the feelings of both a sense of security and urgency for the audience.   The audience was invited to sit on the stage, close to the performers, as they were guided through a performance of spoken word, meditation, and dance. We worked closely with lighting designer Mandy Ringger to create the mystical atmosphere required for the show.  

Alex Rodabaugh is a dancer, performer, and dance maker whose work has been shown throughout New York City. His newest work g1br33l , curated by Miguel Gutierrez to be a part of this series at Gibney, brings the spiritual guide Archangel Gabriel into the twenty-first century.  As he receives messages from the universe via the Internet, g1br33l must communicate these through performance in order to usher in a prophesied Golden Age of humanity.

All photos taken by Alex Escalante