Set design for Stairway to Stardom at HERE Arts Center

Photos by Maria Baranova

About the Show:

With crackling wit and startling honesty, the women of cakeface serve up a silver-sequined dissection of the American Dream. Synthesizing razor-sharp choreography and a poker-faced delivery of original text, the cast shatters the facade of "making it." Featuring live-mixed sound and visuals from electronic duo Prism House and clips from the 80s cult public access tv show of the same name, Stairway to Stardom honors the contributions of the wildly passionate but questionably talented among us.


Written and Directed by Amanda Szeglowski
Choreographed by Amanda Szeglowski in collaboration with the company
Performed by Ali CastroJade DaughertyAyesha JordanNola Sporn Smith, and Amanda Szeglowski

Set Design by Aviva Novick
Lighting Design by Amanda K. Ringger
Live Music + Video by Prism House (Brian Wenner + Matt O'Hare)
Costume Design by Oana Botez
Stage Managed by Alex B. West

The development of Stairway to Stardom is supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation's Women Playwrights Commissioning program. Stairway to Stardom has been supported in part by Marble House Project, a not-for-profit organization.